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Nepalese Government: Everest Climbers Must Bring Back 8kg of Rubbish

New rules are coming into action from the Nepalese Government for those climbing Mount Everest.

All who climb up the mountain MUST bring back at least 8kg of rubbish each on their way back down!

The new rule is set to start in the spring and will apply to anyone climbing higher then Everest Base Camp.

The litter issue on Everest is not a new one. The government already enforces mountaineers & climbers to bring back all of their litter or they run the risk of losing their deposit (up to £2,600). This new ruling will require everyone to bring back 8kg of rubbish (if they are in a group or not).

Tourism ministry official, Madhusudan Burlakoti has said “Our earlier efforts have not been very effective. This time,everest water safe drinking if climbers don’t bring back garbage, we will take legal action and penalise them”.

A Kathmandu artwork exhibition in 2012 showcased a variety of rubbish remains found on Everest including gas cylinders, ropes, tents, glasses, cans, plastic and the remains of a helicopter. The 75 artworks were to highlight the environmental impact that alpine tourism has.

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