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Students for Malawi

On the 19th of March 2013, Students for Malawi​ became an independent organisation supporting students across Scottish & Malawian Universities and Colleges, harnessing the skills of more students to make a better, just world.

​Their Mission is simple:

  • To advance learning and knowledge by teaching, research and knowledge exchange between Scotland and Malawi.
  • To enhance and strengthen the historical partnership between Scotland and Malawi
  • To increase food security, income, assets and employment & education for poor and marginalised people.
  • To promote basic human rights and gender equality

They currently run three overseas placements running on various dates from May-September. If you have a specific skill or area of expertise then they need you!

Every year they select volunteers, from teachers to lawyers to engineers, from across different Universities and Colleges that can work alongside their Malawian volunteers and partner NGOs to make a positive impact.

The Projects they work with are:

Charity using water to go bottles to filter dirty waterSTEKA | Step Kids Awareness

STEKA is an organisation founded by Godknows Maseko, which aims to provide shelter, love, education and care to the abandoned orphans and street children of Blantyre, Malawi’s biggest city. Godknows Maseko, once himself a street child forced to the streets, is fighting to raise awareness about the plight of street and abandoned children in Malawi. In the 3 bedroom house he rents, he now has 37 children (and counting) in his care.

Open Arms Malawi

Open Arms Malawi provides a second chance in life for some of Malawi’s thousands of orphans who all deserve shelter, food, care and love. Open Arms provide for the relief of children in Malawi suffering from hardship and distress. The charity provides the a safe home, for orphaned neglected and terminally ill children, providing essential factors such as love, care, food and clothing, medical and nursing care.

Charity using water to go bottles to filter dirty waterChisitu Co-operative

Chisitu is one of the larger areas within the southern Districts of Mulanje. Since 2010, Students for Malawi has had links with the village through our Project Manager, Chisitu resident Evance Morra. In 2013 it was decided to bring together students from across Scotland and Malawi to work hand in hand with the people of Chisitu, providing a better future for the village.

In previous trips, the charity has spent a lot of time and money buying bottled water from local shops in the nearest village due to fear of parasites in the local water. For 2014, Students for Malawi have decided to equipt each volunteer with a Water-to-Go filtered water bottle. This will not only save the charity money (as they cover the volunteers cost of water) but also save them time travelling to get the water as they can fill their Water-to-Go bottle from local taps and bore holes without the risk of illness!

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