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Yellow water coming out of taps

More issues with UK tap water are driving people to use powerful water filters in their homes as well as the great outdoors.

The most recent case is yellow water coming out of the tap in the Devon and Cornwall area.

Locals have been complaining about the yellow peril that is haunting their water. The contaminated water is due to high levels of magenese (a natural chemical which is supposed to be removed).

South West Water (SWW) have stated that the water is safe to drink as long as you’re not pregnant and not drinking it in large quantities. However, over 200 residents have complained to SWW saying the water tastes horrible and tastes of metal!

While water issues in the UK continue to emerge, (for example fracking and fluoridation) Water-to-Go users continue to have the last laugh by getting rid of all the nasties that might sneak into the municipal water supply.

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