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Water-to-Go are partnering up with Discover Adventure

I’m Holly and I’m part of the Green Team at Discover Adventure.

Discover Adventure specialise in trekking, cycling and multi-activity adventures in the UK and across the globe, with many of our participants using their challenge as a fundraising platform. Our efforts have allowed thousands of people to experience unforgettable achievements around the world, while collectively raising over £100 million for worthwhile causes.

We’re obviously passionate about travel, discovering new parts of the world and pushing ourselves to complete extraordinary challenges in all corners of the globe is our trademark. But, we are constantly asking ourselves ‘at what cost?’. We feel that everyone has a responsibility to consider how we can save the planet, even the very little things can make a huge difference. Which is why we have a dedicated ‘Green Team’ at DA HQ, always looking for ways to enhance our sustainability as a company and find new ideas that support our motto ‘take only photos, leave only footprints’.

The projects and ideas that are bubbling from the Green Team look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, in the office and on our many trips, and especially reduce the use of single-use plastic.  From recycling more than ever in the office, collecting toilet roll tubes to be re-used for the Dogs Trust in Salisbury, to keeping our use of paper and plastic to a minimum.

Reducing Single-Use Plastic Usage

We figured that one of the many ways we were able to increase our sustainability as a company, and massively reduce the use of single-use plastic on our trips, is by encouraging participants to bring their own water bottle. After all, we lead hundreds of participants every year on adventures all over the world and it is thirsty work! Especially when you’re exerting yourself in new surroundings and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Bringing your own water bottle with you on an adventure means you can fill up and stay hydrated easily, limiting any litter and minimising your impact on whichever exotic landscape it is that you are exploring. We want it make it easy for you to be a part of the solution, which is why we are proud to partner with Water-to-Go as a handy, eco-friendly and efficient alternative.

Jo Bradshaw recommends Water-to-Go

We chatted to Jo Bradshaw, who is an adventurer and one of our very own Discover Adventure leaders. Jo has led many, many DA adventures over the years and has summited Kilimanjaro an incredible 30 times! So she knows a thing or two about the outdoors.

Jo is another passionate supporter of Water to Go:

“I travel regularly to countries which have little or no recycling facilities, and where the water from a tap or a stream is not as safe to drink as here in the UK. Up until a few years ago I was part of the plastics problem but since I bought my first Water-to-Go filter bottle, I’ve stepped away from creating more of a issue in a country which can do little to recycle. ”

Jo Bradshaw, DA leader

“I use my bottles (I now have 3!) in the UK without the filter too, and I haven’t added to the single-use plastic bottle problem here for a good few years which has also saved me money too. When there is an alternative surely it’s our duty to us and the future generations to make the change and to stop being part of the problem?”

Agreed! You can make a difference on every adventure you take, so why not?

Grab one for your next adventure

Whether you’re looking to simply do your bit for the planet, or you’re due to take on a challenge in the near future, grab a Water-to-Go bottle through Discover Adventure and receive a 15% discount. Even better, Water-to-Go will donate a further 15% to our charity projects.

Interested in our charity projects? All of our projects, from green initiatives to helping the communities we visit on our adventures, are thoughtfully selected each year. We fund a Tanzanian tour guide to gain their mountain leader qualification each year and plant a tree in Peru for every participant that treks the Inca Cycle with us, to name a few. This year, Cycle of Good is another project we are rallying behind, donating old inner tubes from our bicycles to be up-cycled into products that can be sold and benefit communities in Malawi and other poor nations. Watch this space for more on our upcoming projects!

Thanks for tuning in, and feel free to check out our challenges if you’re feeling inspired. Just don’t forget to pack your trusty water bottle!

Holly, Discover Adventure

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