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The Everyday Water Bottle

“Those water bottles with filters look good; but I don’t travel to places with bad water”. If this sounds like something you would say, read on…

You might be thinking that Water-to-Go water bottles are just for the adventurous travellers heading to Timbuktu, students embarking on their Gap Year or serious hikers heading out for some mountainous trekking.

Yes, our water bottles are perfect for all of the above, but you don’t need to fall into any of these categories to benefit from using our 3-in-1 filter bottles. It could be that you:

  1. Don’t drink enough water
  2. Buy bottled water
  3. You are Pregnant
  4. You Exercise
  5. Worried about chemicals in your tap water
  6. Are a Commuter
  7. You go on holiday at least once a year


Ok, so you know that drinking water is good for you and realise that you need to drink more but you don’t for a number of reasons.

Maybe you don’t like the taste, it isn’t readily available when you’re on the move (without getting ripped off for the price of bottled water) or there’s another (often unhealthier) option available?

So, how can Water-to-Go help you drink more water and make it enjoyable?

  • Our water filters will eliminate the bad tastes and odours from the water making it taste better than bottled water.
  • The 3-in-1 filter technology in our water bottles means that you can fill up where ever you are. In bed? Fill it up from the bathroom tap! In the supermarket? Fill up from the tap in the toilet! On a train? Fill it up from the tap in the toilet! Out for a walk? Fill it up from an outdoor tap or a stream!

Wouldn’t trust it? Check out our Testing Reports to see how well we perform. We have even tested our filters on Indian tap water. Just remember, your tap water comes from rivers and streams as well. We just use a new way to clean it.


Some people will only drink bottled water. Maybe they don’t like the taste of tap water or they are convinced that it is the healthy alternative to tap water.

Some won’t buy bottled water on a regular basis but will when they need to, for example, when on a day out, at a petrol station or an airport. We buy it because there is no other option and begrudgingly hand over anywhere from £1 – £2.50 for a 50cl bottle of water. Not only is this ludicrously expensive, it is also huge strain on the planet.

So, how can Water-to-Go help?

  • Gives you better than bottled water quality anywhere in the world
  • More convenient than bottled water
  • Huge savings compared with bottled water (Click here to see how much; the results may surprise you)
  • Helps to reduce plastic waste


Water is vital when you’re pregnant. After all you’re drinking for 2!

Water has so many health benefits during pregnancy so encouraging yourself to drink more is extremely important. Water can help relieve the symptoms of morning sickness, heartburn and indigestion so you can have an easier experience through your pregnancy transition.

If you are pregnant Water-to-Go can:

  • Turn any tap water into the healthiest possible water for you and your baby
  • Remove any unwanted contaminants in your water
  • Encourage you to drink more water


Whether it’s a run around the park, at the gym or playing sport, we all need to increase our hydration levels when we exercise. But what can Water-to-Go do for you more than your average sports bottle?

  • Remove germs, bugs and bacteria that lurk around the water fountain at the gym
  • Makes the water in the gym taste amazing
  • Never run out of water when exercising outdoors
  • Lightweight bottle (that you can carry empty and fill up as and when you need)


You don’t need to be drinking questionable water from a stream to be worried about what’s in it. Depending on where you live there could be a number of unwanted contaminants lurking in your tap water.

All tap water is chlorinated. A large number of areas put fluoride in the water. Depending on how old your house is, you can get traces of heavy metals E.g. copper and lead coming through the pipes. From time to time, unwanted bacteria can creep into the local supply E.g. Cryptosporidium and E.coli. (There was a huge outbreak of Cryptosporidium in Lancashire, UK in August 2015 where over 3,000 homes were without access to water for 3 weeks).

So what do we do that your everyday carbon filter jug won’t do?

  • We eliminate over 99.9% of Chlorine
  • We eliminate over 99.9% of Fluoride
  • We eliminate over 99.9% of Heavy Metals like Copper and Lead
  • We eliminate over 99.9% of Bacteria like Cryptosporidium, E.coli
  • We eliminate any bad taste and odours

Take a look at how we compare to international filtration guidelines.


Whether it’s by train, the London Underground, car or plane, commuting can be long, tiresome and exhausting.

Dealing with delays, overcrowding or traffic, we constantly need to stay hydrated, (especially in the summer months) and are usually forced in to buying bottled water (at a premium price) at the station, service station or airport.

So again, Water-to-Go becomes the most convenient and cost effective solution:

  • Lightweight bottle (so you can carry empty and fill up when you need)
  • Huge savings compared to bottled water
  • Fill up from toilet taps, even on a train


This is a no brainer. No matter where you go on holiday, whether it be a week in Spain, a trip to the USA or a camping holiday in Britain we all need water. 9 times out 10 we end up consuming a huge amount of bottled water. Even when we are in a country with a safe water supply, many won’t drink out of the taps in the hotel due to the taste.

Even when the price of bottled water seems very cheap (compared to UK prices) it soon adds up.

Here’s how our water bottles can help make your holidays a little better:

  • Safe water no matter where you are in the world
  • 5p per litre compared to the price of bottled water.
  • Saves the planet from plastic waste

So what are you waiting for?

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