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Walking Across Mongolia

In May 2014, Ash Dykes (age 23 from North Wales, U.K) is attempting to be the first person to complete a 1,700
mile trek, from west to east across the brutal & unforgiving terrain, of the second-largest landlocked country in the world – MONGOLIA.

An Expedition which will take him over 100 days through some of the most varied and harshest terrain on the planet, from the Altai Mountains, Gobi desert, Mongolian steppe and facing mother nature’s brutal weather from the snowblizzards, sandstorms, extreme heat to the extreme cold and facing the dangerous Mongolian wildlife – Grey Wolves, Wild dogs and venomous creatures.

reduce the weight of your backpackAsh will be pulling a wheeled desert cart carrying all of his own provisions including food & water, weighing in between 150-200kg. Ash will also be documenting his gruelling yet incredible journey across the country, capturing everything he will face from the terrain, the wildlife, the culture, the extreme & changing weather and his own physical & mental state.

From a young age, Ash has continued to push and test himself to the limits and a combination of exploring and testing himself physically & mentally has lead him to take on many challenging adventures & expeditions, though this is just the beginning – follow Ash on his expeditions and help him raise funds for the British Red Cross.

At the age of 19, Ash set off on a life changing journey, venturing through different countries to see what he could find, these countries lead him to undertake many adventures from:-
Cycling Cambodia and the length of Vietnam
Trekking the Himalayas in North India
Cycling South Australia
Escaping the Australian outback’s after a nasty break down in the wild
Learning how to survive in the jungle with a Burmese hill tribe
Cycling the U.K for charity, covering a total distance of 985 miles in just 7 days, solo & unsupported
Walking the length of Wales in the dead of winter
Trekking the Alps
For the last 20 months, Ash has been working as a dive master, scuba diving instructor and a master scuba diver trainer in Thailand (Koh Tao & Koh Lipe) whilst learning and competing in the local martial art – Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and now returns to the U.K to face his biggest challenge…….. SO FAR. – becoming the first person to walk solo & unsupported across Mongolia.

safe drinking water in mongoliaAsh needs to filter his water as he goes on his trek to reduce the weight he’s carrying and to ensure he’s got safe access to water through out the expedition. we’re pleased to announce that he will be using his Water-to-Go filtered water bottle for the entire journey.

“I had been searching for some time, for a really good & effective water filter to take on my expedition across Mongolia, but I kept coming across water filters that needed to be pumped to purify the water (in a desert of 45 degrees C, this was the last thing I wanted to do).”

“The fact that I could top the bottle up and drink it straight away was what hooked me the most, and it was an absolute must for me in such an environment, but even my latest trek in Scotland saw me topping it up constantly from lochs, rivers etc and the taste was perfect.”

Ash is hoping to raise £2,500 for the British Red Cross. Check out his charity page by clicking here

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