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The best foods to keep you hydrated

We’re all about hydration here at Water-to-Go. We pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get access to safe water no matter where you are but, we often forget that 20-30% of the water we consume comes from our food!

So as well as using our filtered water bottles to wet your whistle, we’ve compiled a list of the best foods to help keep you hydrated:

Cucumber has the highest water content (96.7%) of any food! Great way to keep your hydration levels topped up by adding to a salad or a sandwich!


Iceberg Lettuce: veglettuce
It may not hold as much fibre and Vitamin K as other lettuce can offer, but Iceberg Lettuce is waves ahead of the rest in water content (95.6%).


Seen as a bit of food exercise (as you burn more calories than you consume when eating) celery is made up primarily of water (95.4%). Don’t write it off too quickly though. As well as hydration benefits, celery also contains Vitamins A, C & K and is a natural remedy for heartburn!


Radishes: vegradishes
Not only bursting with water (95.3%) but radishes are rich in antioxidants like catechin which do wonders for your health!


Often mistaken as a vegetable, but there’s no mistaking their water content (94.5%). Green Peppers: All peppers have a high water content but green peppers (93.7%) are leaders of the gang when it comes to hydration. They also carry just as much antioxidants as other varieties!


Cauliflower: vegcauliflower
It may look dry but in addition to containing lots of water (92.1%), Cauliflower is flourishing with vitamins and phytonutrients. Studies have shown they can lower cholesterol and help to fight cancer.


vegwater melonWater Melon:
The clue’s in the name! But as well as being high in water (91.5%), this type of melon is over flowing with the antioxidant lycopene, which has been proven to help fight cancer!


Spinach: vegspinach
Our old friend Popeye set a good example when it came to spinach. It may not give you super-human strength but spinach is rich in lutein, potassium, fiber, and folate! It’s also great for hydration with a water content of 91.4%.


vegstar fruitStar Fruit (Carambola):
Not only is it one of the prettiest fruits around but as rich in water (91.4%) as it is in antioxidants! People with kidney problems should stay clear of this fruit due to the high content of oxalic acid!


Strawberries: vegstrawberries
No berry is better for hydration than strawberries. Juicy, delicious and bursting with water (91.01%).


Filled with fiber, potassium, vitamin A & C it’s also jam packed full of water (90.7%). Broccoli is the veggie of choice to keep you healthy and hydrated!



veggrapefruit As well as having a high water content (90.5%), grapefruit is supposed be an excellent way to lower your cholesterol. Some studies have shown that it even helps facilitate weight loss!



vegbaby carrotsBaby Carrots:
You’d think that if carrots are carry a lot of water then the bigger the better, right?! Apparently size isn’t everything when it comes to water content. Baby carrots boast a water content of 90.4% where their parents (regular carrots), have around 88.3%.


Cantaloupe: vegcantaloupe
The second highest water content in melon goes to the cantaloupe (90.2%). Low in calories and delivers your daily intake of vitamins A & C in one hit! A great way to start the day!

Healthy Water, Healthy Body!

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