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Puddles to Steams, these are a lifesaver…

We were first made aware of these bottles several years ago and thank god we were! We’ve used them in numerous places around the world, from Ushuaia in Argentina to San Salvador in El Salvador and everywhere in between.

We would now not be without one of these in our bags, whether it be just going to the airport (Filing the bottle’s from the toilet taps) or going hiking in Snowdonia it is highly recommended you get one of these (Or even 2 as we have both the GO! and the 75cl bottle) covering us for any occasion.

It’s so much easier than messing around with chlorine tablets, UV pen’s etc and they leave a horrible after taste.
These work wonders, they truly are amazing not once have we had an upset stomach from water drunk through the bottle.

Not the mention the amount of plastic saved through using these bottles and not wasting 100’s, if not 1000’s of empty plastic bottles.

Water-to-Go is the best water bottle on the market bar none!!!!

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