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Perfect in all situations + great customer service…

I originally bought my Water-to-Go bottle for my travels in Jamaica, South Africa and Vietnam. The water bottles filtration system worked perfectly and consistently in each country and saved me a lot of money! Whether it be hotel water, water from a river or water from the bush, the bottle worked its magic and I never got sick once! Now that I’m back from my travels I find myself using this bottle in everyday life. From playing football on the weekends, keeping hydrated at university, at the gym etc, it’s truly versatile!

Recently during a football game, I went off as a sub and decided to take a seat on the floor at the side of the goal. As I was drinking, one of the players took a shot towards goal which went wide and hit the bottle which sent it soaring into the sky. It came crashing back down and I picked it up and inspected it. Unfortunately the impact had damaged the lid to the point where it was no longer usable. I tweeted Water-to-Go to let them know what happened and they handled the situation brilliantly and offered to send me a new lid! Within 3 days I had a brand new lid and it was back to business as usual. I recommend this bottle to all my friends; it’s functional, versatile and truly a product for life!

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