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We were very aware that sickness from water could have ruined this trip. Although the water was allegedly safe to drink in Panama City, it tasted of chemicals and we weren’t sure about it. Having Water-to-Go meant we could pack the bottles with ice from our room, add tap water and have nice-tasting cold water that we felt confident about drinking.

Water bottle in Boquete, PanamaStarting in Panama City, the intrepid couple travelled down the Panama Canal and then moved on to Boquete in the mountain highlands, staying on a coffee plantation near the border with Costa Rica. In many places water supplies can be unreliable.

"The water was unsafe to drink in a number of the places we visited, so our Water-to-Go bottles were invaluable. The poor quality of the water, combined with temperatures in the 80s and high humidity, meant we could have struggled to stay safely hydrated without them.

Driving across to the Caribbean coast, the couple then chilled out on the island of Bocas Del Toro, returning to Panama City after a few days so they could take some trips into the rainforest.

Water-to-Go made a big difference to us on this trip.Even when told the water was safe, we might have reverted to bottled water, but instead we were able to rely on the Water-to-Go bottle. It gave us complete peace of mind in avoiding dangerous water-borne bugs.

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