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Four Awsome Reasons

Hi Guys! I have decided to root for Water-to-Go for several awesome reasons…

Awesome Reason 1. When I went Amsterdam I was Shocked how much they charge for water, and surprisingly even though there is a Canal or small river in every direction.. Tap water is rarer Than a mint condition, Shiny Naruto -Konoha Headband being found discarded on the floor of an anime convention. This made me remark to one shop owner to give me a Glass and I shall go out a scoop up some water from the Canal adjacent, he remarked that it is not advisable and I would most likely get ill.

Awesome Reason 2. The bottle looks cool.

Awesome Reason 3. I look cool, holding the bottle that looks cool and that makes me super cool.

Awesome reason 4 it is cheap, easy to maintain, clean and carry around. It is also Impact durable as I have tested by accident… whoops 😉

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