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HELPING charity work in Gambia

I have been involved with a charity name Helping (Help for Education and speciaL Projects IN the Gambia)for well over 10 years where I have been sponsoring a child named Ebrima.

Having turned 50 recently I made a promise to go over to The Gambia and meet the then 10 year old child but now 21 year young man. As a regular user of the Water-to-Go Bottle, it was a must for me to bring with me on my trip.

We take for granted and have no idea how important water is as a commodity in Africa, and having been a user of the Water-to-Go Bottle for some time I have total peace of mind in knowing that I am avoiding water borne-diseases and am not limited by the amount of water I can take on board.

HELPING GambiaI went from Banjul and travelled across the ferry on the North Bank to Barra and from there travelled to Pakau and the compound where Ebrima and his family live. I had some of the Helping team bring me to their local water source they all use. I was told by my guides that I would be ill if I drank from the Well, as unlike the locals we are not accustomed and hardened to this water source so and was happy to use my trusted Water-to-Go Bottle.

On a personal note I use the bottle on the go all the time, at work where the water is very cloudy, at my local Gym and whenever I take my border collie on a long walk and it is the first thing I pack in the suitcase when I go travelling.

The Key to me is the filter, the design and technology that has gone into the Water-to-Go Bottle ensures that whatever suspect water source I drink from, I will consume 100% clear drink water!

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