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Where no water bottle has gone before…

This summer, four friends and I went on an expedition to the remote Fergana Range in Kyrgyzstan in the hope of summiting unclimbed peaks and exploring the region. The trip was a great success (we climbed four unclimbed peaks and had a brilliant time) and this was in no small part due to the support we received from Water-to-Go and their excellent filter bottles.

We found it to be an invaluable resource in Kyrgyzstan where safe drinking water was at a premium and we were away from civilization for weeks at a time.

With a Water-to-Go bottle each, the whole team were able to stay fully hydrated at all times as the possible contaminants and sediment found in mountain streams and glacial rivers were effectively dealt with. A further bonus, besides being able to collect water from any source we found, was that it eliminated the need to carry as much water with us. Water is of course, fairly heavy to carry around so being able to go light and top up at any source we came across was a considerable bonus.

I know our whole team would recommend it. I will certainly be taking mine with me on my next walk in the hills and definitely on my next expedition.

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