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Move over bottled water…

I thought quite hard about buying a Water-to-Go bottle as I wondered if it was overkill but as soon as I landed after a long dehydrating flight and had instant access to water I was very grateful for it. There are the obvious reasons for not buying bottled water: adding to the plastic in the world – and I’d say after a month that I’ve probably already made my money back, but there are health reasons too… When I have to get bottled water on the road I always find myself running out and getting dehydrated every now and again. You can’t always get it. It has been invaluable to have a constant supply of water in a hot climate. You know when you wake up and are super thirsty and then you realise you have no water, or you’re on a long train journey and run out, so nice to just go to nearest source and fill up. It means you don’t have to carry 3 litres for example too. Also the plastic is safer unlike bottled water that releases toxins into the water in the sun. The filters are tiny and lightweight so take up no room and they last three months each. I’ve got 3 with me! Water-to-Go said they’d send to me abroad if I need later 🙂 I thought I was being OTT investing in one but it is definitely one of the most important things in my pack now I’m away. RECOMMEND!

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