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Saving money at the airport…

Having read some of the other testimonials on this website, my story seems quite ordinary but here goes… When I go abroad for business or on holiday, I had got into a routine at the airport of going to buy water as soon as I had exited from security. I usually buy 2 bottles, (because they are a better deal!) and do the same on the way back.

Recently, I was working in Amsterdam every week for a few months and ran up quite a considerable bill on ‘airport water’. On my most recent trip abroad, I was fortunate enough to be going on holiday to Spain on a DIY fitness break. I took a Water-to-Go with me and as soon as I’d been through security, I filled up my bottle from the taps in the Ladies. I filled it up again just before I went to the gate, so I’d already saved a few quid at the airport. When I landed in Spain, you’ve guessed it, I filled up at the airport and then again as soon as I got to my apartment. After another refill whilst out walking and exploring the area, and another from the tap in the apartment before bed, I reckon I’d saved around £6 to £8 in bottled water on day 1! I continued to use the bottle throughout the holiday, including taking it to the gym every day and of course, used it again on the trip home. I easily covered the cost of the bottle in savings on bottled water during a 1 week holiday and am continuing to use the bottle, ‘for free’ since I came back.

Even if you ignore all the environmental benefits of not filling up the ocean with plastic etc, Water-to-Go makes good financial sense, as well as enabling you to have the convenience of filtered drinking water available to you almost any time. Water-to-Go is the future and I’m sure our children’s kids will be horrified by the environmental damage done by this generation of plastic water bottle guzzlers!

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