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The only one who WASN’T ill…

"I took my Water-to-Go bottle with me to Madagascar for my recent 17-day tour, I filled it from hotel taps, and from streams, and had no upset tummy problems at all, but my fellow travellers did, even though they drank expensive bottled water. Brilliant. No worries about the integrity of bottled water, or whether I’d got clean water in my hotel room at night. I could safely drink even polluted river-water, so felt completely safe, and never risked becoming dehydrated. The majority of the people in Madagascar have to use river water to wash themselves and their clothes, as well as for cooking and drinking, and of course, as a toilet. How many of us would want to drink from these rivers unless we had one these brilliant filter bottles? I shall get one for my grandson to use for his DoE trips, as I’d likely not get mine back if I loaned it to him

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