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Lucky enough to spot Water-to-Go before we left…

I went to Zambia for 3 months to do charity work in a tiny community called Mututu. There was no running water so we had to collect water from a well. Using my Water-to-Go bottle was the best thing ever – I didn’t get sick once and a lot of the rest of my team did! Out of about 20 of us I think 5 had been lucky enough to spot Water-to-Go before we left. Half way through the trip when illnesses started kicking in, most wished they’d bought these bottles too! They’re just incredible and I’m so glad I bought my two, wouldn’t go abroad without one now and I even use it in the UK! Going to Croatia in 2 weeks and I’ll definitely be brining one for me and my partner! As I mentioned, I bought 2 – really unnecessary for 3 months! One filter lasted the whole 3 months but that was probably at the end of it’s life by then. Highly recommend!

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