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Continued to use after travelling…

My Water-to-Go bottle was an absolute lifesaver during my travels in Ecuador. It meant that I never had to worry about finding clean, safe water as it was always available via my bottle! I filled it up at hotels and during my stay in the Andes mountains. Normally, I am extremely sensitive to changes in water but I was not ill once during my travels which was absolutely amazing! The same couldn’t be said for a friend of mine who was quite ill and contracted a parasitic infection from unfiltered water.

Even after my travelling had ended, I continued and still continue to use it every day at home and at work. I am extremely conscious about my health so it’s great to know I’m getting safe water all the time. Additionally, the water tastes great, saves me so much money in bottled water and it’s environmentally friendly! Its an amazing product, I couldn’t recommend it enough!

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