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Loving the new GO! bottles…

My husband and I were at the Olympia Baby Show when we came across the GO! bottles. We have always been keen water drinkers and guzzle up to 3 litres each per day.

At the time we were using Bobble bottles which I stopped using due to the poor flow and found it to difficult to get the water out. My husband had to squeeze so hard to get the water out he ended up damaging it.

Then we saw the demo for the new GO! bottles and we were sold. Now the water flow is how it should be and its quick and easy to use wherever you go. I loved the fact you can use any water, river and so on and that it has an indicator to show you when the filter runs out. We never had this using Bobble.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your amazing product which is not only practical but saves money and the planet.

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