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Latin American Buddy…

I purchased my first Water-to-Go bottle prior to travelling Latin America in 2014 at a time when they weren’t widely available (I’d seen them being demonstrated on some TV show and purchased via the website). What an absolute dream it was – my first three months were spent in Central America during dry season and it was a great relief not having to worry about whether the water would make me sick.

I’ve only been back a few days but I’m still using it and drinking more water than I ever did before. Based on my ‘road-test’ I have to say Water-to-Go is the way forward: clean water wherever (I mostly filtered tap water but I have taken from natural water sources such as waterfalls and rivers) and no more hideous plastic bottles to contaminate the environment. And by not buying bottled water whilst travelling Water-to-Go definitely worked out as the economic option.

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