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Clean Water and Chemical Free…

We live in Portugal and we always have free clean and sweet drinking water from our own well. But now, whenever we travel, we always take our Water-to-Go bottles. We first purchased a couple of bottles after a trip to India in 2013. Since then, they have been used, topped up, and flown to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, extensively in Europe and even the UK (they remove the chlorine taste of English tap water wonderfully). We have just returned from Southern India, Goa and Sri Lanka, where our Water-to-Go bottles were extremely useful during hours of travelling between sites, where there wasn’t always fresh drinking water, just a tap, a stream or a lake.

After buying them, we were so impressed with Water-to-Go that we bought all our grown up kids a bottle each and have recommended them to many friends. The photo was taken in Sri Lanka at Galle on a very hot and sticky day.

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