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For us, the best water-filtering system

For us, the best water-filtering system for ease, effectiveness, price and ethics is Water-to-Go!

When planning a long-distance through-hike, one of the most important elements to figure out is how you will keep hydrated on the road. This is something we were very much aware of when preparing our trek across the Pyrenees. After 1000 kilometres of hiking with our Water-to-Go bottles, we feel pretty confident in recommending them – not just to through-hikers, but to any traveller. We bought one 75cl Water-To-Go bottle each long before we left for our trek, and we are still using them now on a daily basis while travelling around South and Southeast Asia. The unique and effective technology of the bottles is that they have a filter that attaches to the lid of the bottle. This means that you simply fill the bottle up normally – from almost any water source – and drink through the lid, with 99.99% of contaminates removed.

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