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For convenience, Water-to-Go is second to none

I am a big fan of the Water-to-Go and there will definitely be a space reserved for it in my pack on future adventures. It’s simple, fast and reliable. Having this with me when travelling means I have can have access to clean, safe water wherever I go. Open lid, put in water, close lid, drink. That’s it. No waiting 30 minutes in a state of complete dehydration while you wait for your chlorine tablets to kick in. And the best thing: no cleaning required – just replace the filters when they’re spent. For convenience, the Water-to-Go is second to none. The filters are also completely biodegradable and the housing recyclable. Water-to-Go magically turns the foulest brown puddle into delicious drinking water. No need to carry huge amounts of water, just fill it up and go. So simple to use and weighs nothing.

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