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Faith in the filter…

I read the review from a lady who drank water from the Ganges and that tempted me to give it a go.

I do a lot of travelling and am aware of how bad it is to keep buying plastic bottles of water. I have tried on past trips buying water purification tablets but always found them too much effort and ended up buying plastic bottles.

So I have just retuned from another trip to India and I can honestly say that the only time I needed to buy any other water was during long hikes when I needed to carry more water with me. I put my faith in the filter and drank water from my bathroom and from dodgy looking taps for 3 weeks. I was off the tourist track and can say I was impressed- I didn’t get Delhi Belly either!

I would recommend this water filter to anyone. It pays its cost back in no time and when you are in conditions of 40+ degrees you know that you can get your hands on water at anytime!

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