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Cairngorm Treks…

We have been trialling the Water-to-Go bottles since May with our trekking clients and staff, and the feedback is very positive. In terms of our business brief they are excellent…namely a lightweight, simple option that offers full confidence in providing safe drinking water from the burns and lochs in the Cairngorms whilst single day and multi day trekking. The speed and ease of use…basically scoop and drink is fantastic. Moreover, the ease of cleaning the bottles and changing the filters is second to none. They also make excellent gifts for our clients as a way of helping to promote our business.

Personally I use my Water-to-Go bottle daily whether guiding clients, mountain biking or on long road bike journeys. I guided two clients along the full high route of the Pyrenees last summer and we frequently carried up to 3 litres of water each which had to be treated with tablets or a UV pen. Both long and cumbersome processes that didn’t always give full confidence. Water-to-Go bottles would have been so much easier and would have significantly reduced the weight carried.

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