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Backpacking India

Thanks to Water-to-Go in helping me survive backpacking around India. As soon as I read about this product, I knew I wanted/needed one. I used it everywhere I went (although I didn’t make it to the Ganges to do the ultimate drinking test!) I stayed healthy through my whole trip, filling up from any water source I had, whether that be public toilet taps, fountains, streams and even left it out during the monsoon rain.

Even now being back on UK soil I don’t go anywhere without it, before I would buy a bottle of mineral water per day, and if I didn’t drink it all then it wouldn’t taste fresh the next day (especially in room temp, which is the way I like my water). But now the water from my Water-to-Go bottle tastes fresh all of the time and its nothing but good clean H20! (The photo is of me on a long bus journey en route to Jaipur after filling up from a public toilet; sounds gross, but it tasted lovely). I cannot recommend it highly enough, for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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