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Solo mission across the Atlantic

As a child, Nikki Curwen made herself a promise. That she would sail across the Atlantic before she flew.

Now, in 2013 her dream is soon to become her reality as she embarks upon the adventure of a lifetime!

In October 2013, Nikki is competing in the Mini Transat, a solo sailing race across the Atlantic in a 6.5m boat.

The Mini Transat is an international solo transatlantic yacht race that has taken place biannually since 1977. Many successful sailors started their sailing career in this fleet , including Ellen MacArthur, Sam Davies and Brian Thomson.

The 2013 edition starts in France and ends in the Caribbean, with a stop over in the Canary Islands. Covering a total distance of 4020 miles, and over 30 days at sea in two stages, 84 boats will be taking part.

During the race there is no communication or computer navigation allowed, outside assistance is strictly forbiden. It’s back to basics with paper charts and your own company to deal with for 4020 miles!

In order to qualify for the race Nikki has raced over 1600 miles in races this year as well as completing a 1300m non stop solo passage (over 10 days at sea).

During the race Nikki has to carry all her water in jerry cans which has a very plasticky taste. Nikki will be taking her Water-to-Go bottle on her solo mission to ensure all the water she drinks when she’s sailing the seven seas will be safe, filtered and delicious!

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