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Running 69 miles in less then 24 hour

Meet Ben Scott:

In June, Ben will embark on an epic journey running along Hadrian’s wall (from Carlisle to Newcastle) within 24 hours (not even Jack Bauer could do that!)

Ben is running in aid of the charity Refuge which works to protect women and children from domestic violence. His Friend is also taking part raising money for Cancer Research The run is 69 miles, and will be a first ultramarathon for both of them.

Ben explains:

“We started running in 2010, did Total Warrior and a load of other obstacle races/mud runs in 2011/2012 and the Brighton Marathon in 2012/2013 for our respective charities. Both of us have never run more than marathon distance, and we are wondering what we have let ourselves in for!

There was the option of splitting the run over two days and camping overnight halfway, but my friend vetoed that as she ‘hates camping,’ (partially my fault), deciding that joining the ‘Expert’ category and running the whole distance in one go would be easier/more pleasant/logical than spending the night in a tent halfway.”

Ben has recently purchased a Water-to-Go bottle for a trip that he’s taking to Kyrgyzstan this week and has encountered issues with the drinking water there before:

“We have all lived/worked there before and are returning to relive old times and visit some new places. All of us suffered at some stage or another from drinking impure water there, so it will be interesting to see whether your bottle helps prevent that this time!”

To support Ben and donate to this fantastic charity please follow the link below.

Support Ben and donate to Refuge

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