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Round the world… on a tuk tuk

We get lots of members from the Water-to-Go family visiting all sorts of places around the globe in a variety of unique ways. Luke Parry is definitely up there with the plans for his latest adventure!

In September Luke will be setting off to circumnavigate the world by rickshaw taxi (Tuk-Tuk). Suddenly the world seems a much bigger and dangerous place when a rickshaw is your only mode of transport!

Along the way he plans to pick up 100s of passengers over the course of a year and a half and hopes to cover around 16,000 Miles in total!

Luke’s aim is to share people’s individual stories through audio recordings, photos, videos or ultimately in a taxi log book.

Passengers can pay anything; whether it’s food, drink, somewhere to sleep or something uniquely more culturally interesting – music, dancing or perhaps some local service maybe even a haircut! It’s something that has never been attempted! Luke explains:

“I want to document the world, meet its people and encounter new experiences to share their and my story with safe water for gap year world tripeveryone. This isn’t just travelling or breaking a new record, but to truly learn about the world, its people and reflect on how our world is responding to changes from new technology and communication.”

“I will attempt to pick up passengers whilst travelling, but people can become passengers through this website. The more people interested in advance, the better I can plan my route and connect each location together. Each country and region will present its own problems. For its success, I will need the generosity, hospitality and the friendship from the people I meet. Each passenger can travel to any ‘reasonable’ destination. Once each passenger arrives at their destination, they will be asked to sign my taxi log book where they have an opportunity to share their own message to the World. In return the passenger can pay what and how they want for the journey.”

“Safe drinking water is an absolute must travelling long distance in areas of the wilderness when water is scarce and bottled water is unavailable. My Water-to-Go bottle assures me with instant convenient access to water for both drinking and cooking on my worldwide expedition. Buying bottled water has now become redundant – some thing I’ve been reluctant to do unless absolutely necessary.”

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