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Plastic Water Bottle Ban in Italy

Italy’s most scenic stretches of coastline, the Cinque Terre have imposed a ban on carrying plastic bottles of water due fears of the area being overrun with litter!

The popular holiday location in North-West of Italy attracts over three million visitors every year which has resulted in a staggering two million plastic bottles being left on the local beaches and add to the plastic pollution in the ocean.

The National Park which encloses the are will be encouraging tourists to by re-usable flasks and will be setting up water fountains throughout the region so hikers can fill up as they go.

The President of the Cinque Terre National Park has said:

“With so many visitors, the footpaths and villages of the Cinque Terre are at risk of being transformed into a great big open air dustbin.

“We are going to update the existing water fountains and install new ones: they will provide people with still or sparkling filtrated water. By the start of next Spring, we hope to have liberated ourselves from this nightmare,” (Source – The Telegraph)

This is the second ban on single use water bottles this year alone. In January the Town of Concord in Massachusetts implemented a ban on plastic bottles!

This latest news highlights the importance of filtered water bottles to ensure our planet remains unpolluted and we are assured we have access to clean water wherever we are.


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