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Partnership With Steppes Travel

Water to Go are pleased to announce their support towards Steppes travel.

Who Are They?

Steppes Travel are a company that provide bespoke and tailored trips all over world so that you can fully experience and appreciate the richness of a country’s history, culture, cuisine, flora and fauna. Steppes are also an organisation, motivated on stopping plastic pollution across the globe. Water to Go are excited to continue on supporting Steppes Travel as a referral partner and hope that together we can make a difference.

Why Are We Doing It

We will be working together on a referral scheme where we will produce a limited edition bottle that Steppes Travel will be able to offer to their clients and customers. Funds raised from this will be generated towards the Steppes Travel charity.

The benefit of this sponsorship will be for enabling Steppes Travel to continue the good works of stopping plastic pollution globally. We feel that we can be at at use by working together to end plastic pollution.

We are also very excited to be a sponsor of the Steppes Travel Beyond Festival later this year in September. We will be selling bottles there and 50% of sales at the event will also go towards the Steppes Travel Beyond charities fund.



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