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Own a part of Water-to-Go


Do you love Water-to-Go? We’re bringing you a unique opportunity to join us and own a little piece of our rapidly growing business.

We have just joined the world of crowdfunding. In the last 18 months we have achieved fantastic success and now we’re looking for a further £250,000 investment to take the company to the next stage.

Are you fed up with banks and building societies that pay miniscule interest rates that don’t even keep up with inflation? Are you scared to risk your money with shares? Are you looking for a small investment that involves no stockbroker fees and allows you to manage your investment, pay in as little or as much as you like whenever you like?

We have a new investment opportunity that has the potential to pay a good return on investment with no brokers or agents to pay?

If the answer to one or more of the above questions is ‘yes’ you could consider a ‘CrowdCube’ investment along with thousands of other people of all ages that have ONE common interest – the need for a fair return on investment.

We’ve already appointed distributors in 8 countries and with your help we’d like to take Water-to-Go to a global scale.

“We are now ready to expand into new markets at home and abroad. With the launch of our 500ml bottle we will tap into a quarter of a billion more European consumers in keep fit, commuting and for school packed lunches.

As we grow we want to continue supporting projects developing access to clean water, especially for children in the developing world. We are already working with Sir Ian Botham on projects in Sri Lanka and small charities such as Child Aid Gambia, but our target is to do much, much more.

To allow us to continue to build, to capitalise on the huge potential for WTG, and establish ourselves as a major force here and abroad we are now seeking further investment.” – Water-to-Go Founder, Dave Shanks

Click here to view on Crowdcube and read more information about the business.

We’re striving to save the world’s plastic bottle problem, save individuals tens of thousands of pounds on mineral water in their lifetime and bring clean safe drinking water to many countries for the first time.

Why CrowdCube?

CrowdCube has raised over £26 million for 121 SME organisations (including many environmentally or ethically aware projects) listed as investment opportunities

CrowdCube investment has come about because SMEs cannot raise loans at sensible rates (if at all) through high street banks despite what the government wants to believe. These companies are too small for venture capitalists or private equity providers to be interested because the due diligence will probably cost as much as the amount of the loan.

Business angels are suitable fund providers because they are independent but tend to be individuals and therefore take a long term to bring on board.

These facts have led to CrowdCube the alternative investment opportunity in new businesses. With Water-to-Go on CrowdCube there are no fees and the amount you invest dictates the benefits you receive. Larger investors (£5,000 +) receive A shares, voting rights and two £25.00 Water-to-Go bottles, below this level are B shares with one bottle and no voting rights.

We forecast that return on investment in 3-5 years could be in the region of 5-6 fold

Come and join our rapidly growing business and be a part of something special!

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