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Nomadic Lion

Nomadic Lion is a two man team featuring David Atthowe from Norwich, England and Yusep Sukmana from Ciamis, Indonesia. They are explorers, environmentalists and humanitarians looking to make a difference.

They walk the entire length of a country to raise awareness about the environment and local people still living in harmony with nature. Throughout their journey they make a documentary about each country to show the current situation of the local environment and organisations working to protect it.

At the beginning of 2014 they walked the length of Peninsular Malaysia. The journey took 48 days and covered a total distance of 1110km. Their journey took us from village to village meeting local people and documenting their stories.

Project Borneo

Their next project will be walking through the length of Sabah and
Sarawak starting in August 2014. Their planned route will be from Tawau all the way around Sabah, down through Brunei, across into Sarawak to Miri, head inland into the heart of Borneo and then down to the far south of Sarawak, a journey of more than 2,000km.

The focus of the project and documentary will be positive environmental projects taking place in Sabah, Brunei & Sarawak. They will visit conservation projects, projects working with indigenous people, education projects, community empowerment projects and meet many individuals who are working hard to protect the rainforests of the region.

Sabah & Sarawak were chosen for their second project because they contain the world’s oldest rainforests and an abundance of natural beauty. At the same time they are facing rapid rates of deforestation and environmental degradation. With so many tribes, cultures and different ethnicities there will be no shortage of exciting stories to illustrate this wonderful part of our planet to other people in the world. They already have extensive contacts working within the national parks, conservation projects and projects working alongside the indigenous people.

They are hoping to have a number of presentations and events in high schools, universities and public spaces to promote conservation efforts and nature awareness.

“Living nomadically and walking from country to country, access to clean, safe drinking water is one of our biggest challenges. Thanks to Water-to-Go wherever we walk, clean, safe drinking water comes with us. Whether the jungles of Borneo, the peaks of the Himalaya or a busy road side we can always rehydrate.” – David Atthowe

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