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More filters for the children of Sri Lanka

In November 2013, Sir Ian Botham completed a 155 mile walk in temperatures over 50c to raise funds for the Foundation of Goodness. His 8 day ordeal included the Anaradhapura region where there have been some big problems with water pollution resulting in many kidney problems.

We were lucky enough to work with Beefy and donate 350 of our filtered water bottles to children in the area.

We have continued our support to the amazing work the Foundation of Goodness are doing by donating more filters to the children who received Water-to-Go bottles last year.

The Foundation of Goodness is a Sri Lankan charity formed to reunite villages, empower the local people, teach water filters in sri lanka skills and educate the children in the wake of the Boxing Day tsunami and a 30-year Civil War.

Swanthri Jayawardena from The Foundation of Goodness sent us this message: ” We made a trip to Anuradhpura and Mihintale last week to deliver your filters. The smiles on the kid’s faces were an absolute treat to behold. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have given these children.”

We are also and working with the charity and Sir Ian to look at ways to raise funds in order to aid the work the Foundation of Goodness are doing and tackle the water issues long term.

We have also committed to support Beefy’s next project in 2015.

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