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Martin Stamper Aims To Be World Champion By Next Week

Taekwondo Ace, Martin Stamper is going for a World title Gold Medal in Mexico next week and has had to do some very strange training in preperation.

The Taekwondo World Championships are staged in Puebla, Mexico – which is more than 2,000m above sea level!

Martin and the rest of Team GB have been sleeping in oxygen tents to prepare for the affects of fighting at a high altitude.

“We’ve been sleeping in a tent for the last month or so,” Martin told the Liverpool Echo, “but we’ve kept quiet about it until now. “We didn’t want other teams to get onto what we’re doing and copy us. “I’ve been using the spare room to sleep in while my girlfriend stays in our bed! “It needs a big generator and it makes a lot of noise. We only have thin walls, too, but the neighbours are understanding! “The pipes go up the stairs and lead into the tent which goes over my head – which I then try and sleep in. “The first night was a bit weird but it’s one of those things you have to do. “It’s been hard to get used to but it’s one of those sacrifices that need to be made. We’ll be 2,400m above sea level in Mexico and it will be tough.”

Team GB are no strangers to the hot Mexican sun as they competed in Mexico City last year.

“It was 100 degrees while we were there and we were wearing shorts and T-shirts, but the Mexicans were all either in
stamp22 suits or track suits. “They were used to it and that’s the level we need to be at. “Puebla is much further up in the mountains than Mexico City, too, so it will be tough. “Obviously the altitude could be a leveller. But our performance director says that no other country will have researched or prepared as much as we have. “Some countries willstruggle and obviously the home fighters will have an advantage. We’ll certainly want to steer clear of Mexicans in the draw. But we’re hopeful.” (Quote taken from Liverpool Echo)

Martin has already had an impressive start to the year taking Gold Medals at the German and Spanish open.

The World Championships start next week, 15th-21st July.

Good luck to Martin and to the rest of Team GB!

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