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Man discovers his tap water is flammable

Jacob Haughney was stunned to discover that the tap water he’s been brushing his teeth with and bathing in for years… is flammable!

Mr Haugney, who lives in North Dakota in the USA, filmed himself setting fire to the water coming out of his bathroom tap and has uploaded the clip to YouTube.

Some believe this to be a result of fracking in the area. Fracking is a process of drilling down into the earth and injecting water, sand and chemicals into the rock in order to release the gas inside. There have been growing concerns from environmentalists that the process can contaminate the groundwater in the area where the fracking takes place.

North Dakota is the second largest oil-producing state in the USA aided by the use of fracking technology.

Jacob Haughney reveals in the video: “First time I did it there was a huge fireball – took up the entire sink – so that’s why i’m a little jumpy doing it. I don’t want to blow up the bathroom.”

Watch the shocking video now…

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