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Hayley & John’s Coast 2 Coast Trek – Costa Rica (part 2)

Day 4 – Providencia to Copey, Duration: 10 hrs

The day started with more uphill trekking but by midday we reached the highest point of our trek at 3000m. As with all of the previous days we were rewarded with some stunning views. We also had settled into ou
r routine of walking an hour then resting 10 mins and we were making good progress. We spent the second half of the day winding down to the town of Copey. In Copey, the owner of a local shop also owned a small chalet which we rented, giving us the most comfortable night of the trek so far and the first warm shower in days.

Day 5 – Copey to Purisil, Duration: 12.5 hrs

This was always going to be a big day, if we got to our destination it would mean we were still on course for completing the crossing in 10 days. We set off from Copey (with an extra bag of Apples given to us by the owner of the chalet) and began climbing out of the valley. Our first waypoint was a settlement called Trinidad which we reached by 9am. Trinidad had a saloon that sold burgers and as it had been a while since we had eaten any horse we treated ourselves. From Trinidad we climbed further to a point known as ‘The Summit’ before descending again into another valley. We hit the edge of an area of jungle through with we had to pass with no guide. There was a muddy track within the jungle that was reasonably easy to follow but the going was steep and tough. After an hour or so we popped out of the jungle and began a very long, winding decent to what we thought was Purisil but what turned out to be Orosi (about 8km in the wrong direction). However we had made it through the jungle and the 10 day target was still a the track in costa rica

Day 6 – Orosi to Humo (via Puriail), Duration:10hrs

On the map this looked like a relatively straight forward day however it turned out to be a lot harder than we hoped with hills that were much longer and steeper than we were expecting. We walked for 7 hrs without encountering any other signs of life so started to doubt ourselves and thought we may have taken a wrong turning, however soon enough we came across Humo, our destination for the day. Rather than try and find somehwere to stay in Humo, we taxied up to a nearby town and stayed in a hotel there, when we told them we were crossing Costa on foot, they turned on their hot tub for us – result!

Day 7 – Humo to San Jaquine, Duration: 11hrs

We taxied back down to Humo. Since midway through day six we had been walking through sugarcane country, but now we where in the heart of it. The first half of day 7 took us through flat open expanses of sugarcane fields. We had dropped down in altitude again by now and it was very hot a dusty, however we were pretty used to the heat and we were also getting fit so we made good progress. The last few hrs of the day were spent on a steep incline up to our destination of San Jaquine where we met a lovely woman who let us sleep on the floor of her saloon!

More to come from Hayley & John’s incredible adventure…

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