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Festival Essential…

Festival season is nearly upon us. You’ve bought your tickets, camping gear, clothes and booze and that’s all before you get there!

Food and alcohol is one thing but being overcharged for bottled water really takes the biscuit!

Spending £2-£3 on a small bottle of water which then ends up in the bin or on the floor is criminal! Not only bad for your bank balance but also for the planet as well! Over 70 billion (seventy thousand million) single use plastic water bottles are consumed annually in the US and Europe alone; National Geographic estimate that a maximum of 20% are recycled. That means that over 50 billion bottles go into landfill or end up in our oceans every year.

We make sure that you never have to pay for bottled water again and have instant access to safe water no matter where you are whether it be at a festival or Timbuktu!

Water-to-Go is definitely the festival essential for 2014. Our bottle removes bacteria, viruses and all the nasties that might be lurking in the water, even the bad smell and taste, so you can fill up from taps, stand pipes (or even the portaloo).

Each filter is equivalent to 400 single-use plastic water bottles. Think how much you can save!

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