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David Beckham Spotted with a Water-to-Go Filtered Water Bottle

Were you watching BBC1 last night? You might have seen a familiar face holding one of our space age filtered water bottles.

‘David Beckham Into the Unknown’, a feature length documentary, aired in the UK and followed beloved footballer David Beckham on a journey through the Amazon rainforest with close friends.

One of our high-tech filtered water bottles was clearly visible in Beckham’s hand while he shared a heart-felt moment about his relationship with his father.

The documentary is available to watch on BBC Iplayer until the 16/06/14. Our bottle’s mesmerizing performance can be seen twice (40mins in and again 48mins in) >> Click here to watch

The benefits of the Water-to-Go filter are fantastic in countries like Brazil where the water quality is questionable. The filter was developed for NASA and uses 3 different types of technology. It not only removes over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants like Giardia, Typhoid and Cryptosporidium but also chemicals and heavy metals like Chlorine, Fluoride and Lead!

Our filters have been tried and tested all round the world. Check out our testimonials page with our customers drinking straight from the Amazon river.

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