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Cycling from London 2 Cape Town

Our water bottles are no strangers to adventure travel. We’ve been taken pretty much everywhere in the world; used for all sorts of amazing journeys and expeditions far and wide.

One such adventure is a journey filled with courage, determination and strong cycling legs. Adventurers Emily Conrad-Pickles and James Davis are half way through an incredible 20,000km cycle from London 2 Cape Town.

Their route will take them through 3 continents, 27 countries and they aim to do it all in 12 months. The duo will be battling temperatures of up to 55°C in the Sahara Desert; conquering 10,000ft of mountain passes in Ethiopia all whilst raising £50,000 for the World Bicycle Relief.

The World Bicycle Relief empowers people across Africa by donating bikes. They believe in mobilising people through the power of bicycles so that distance no longer prevents access to healthcare, education and economic activity. So far they have provided over 200,000 bikes to people in a number of African countries.

We caught up with James to find out how they were finding they were getting on:

“We’re only 4 months in to our yearlong expedition to cycle from London to Cape Town and we’ve already learnt that our Water-to-Go filtered water bottles are one of the most important pieces of kit we have with us.

Admittedly, we were a little nervous the first time we filled the bottles from a more ‘suspect’ water source. But, ever since, we’ve topped up from loads of places where we would never considered drinking from before – including taps in the street, cattle drinking troughs, a leaking water pipe in the desert and even straight from the river Danube – close to where we later found a dead frog floating in the water.

Even at visitor attractions we’ve scoffed at tourists who’re forced to pay for overpriced bottled water whilst we’ve topped our Water-to-Go bottles from the taps in the loos. The bottles themselves are tough and sturdy and the recently improved design of the filter makes drinking on the go even easier.

As we leave Egypt to continue south into rural Africa we have confidence that our Water-to-Go filtered water bottles will safely filter even the most questionable of water sources keeping us hydrated on our quest to cycle from London to Cape Town.”

You can follow the journey and donate to this wonderful charity at

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