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Chasing Gandhi’s Shadow – Walking the length of India

In 2017 Adventurer, Olie Hunter Smart is following in Gandhi’s footsteps, walking the length of India, (over 2,600 miles) to understand how the British and Indian relationship has evolved since Partition in 1947.

Olie tells us his reasons why he’s embarking on this adventure:

“India fascinates me; it’s vibrancy, history, diversity and a cultural heritage entwined with Britain for over 400 years. This year marks the 70th anniversary of their independence from Britain, so it’s important we celebrate this.” –

Olie’s journey will start in mid-April north of Leh near the Line of Control in Kashmir and Jammu. From there he will head south through the Himalayas following the Lamayuru – Darcha mountain trail to reach the road that will take him to New Delhi, Britain’s governing capital. From Delhi he will head west, walking through Jaipur, Udaipur to Ahmedabad, spiritual home of Mahatma Gandhi. He will follow Gandhi’s Salt March route to the coast, a route that kick-started India’s Independence movement, after which he will continue to Mumbai. After Mumbai he will head inland to Pune, a hill station that was used by the British and he will continue through the Western Ghats to Kanyakumari, the southern-most tip of this vast sub-continent.

Olie will be travelling through some of the most extreme conditions out there – high altitude, freezing cold temperatures followed by intense heat, extreme humidity and the monsoon.

“This journey will be physically and mentally incredibly tough. Thankfully, with Water-to-Go I’ll have access to clean drinking water wherever I go, meaning that’s one less thing I need to worry about when on the expedition.”

Along the route, Olie aims to speak to people and their families that experienced partition to really understand the impact gaining Independence had on the people and how that has influenced the culture of the nation as we know it today.

Olie is no stranger to intrepid expeditions. In 2015, along with fellow adventurer, Tarran Hume, Olie kayaked the length of the Amazon River (4,300 miles), unsupported.

Olie will be taking two of our 75cl bottles, with 4 replacement filters for his six-month expedition.

You can follow Olie on his journey on his website or via facebook.

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