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Changing the way we travel

Staying hydrated on the go – changing the way we travel

 - Guest blog post from Han Talbot

As we become more and more mobile in our day to day working lives, so do our habits and routines adjust. Rather than staying in one office from 9-5pm Monday to Friday, we are beginning to see a rise of flexible workers. Where the shiniest car or the best watch was a goal to be obtained by many, now we are seeing a generation of workers who are more fulfilled by experiences. Namely travel. And the ability to work while travelling. Whether from a cafe in Bali or from a different coffee shop in London.

In the wake of this new way of thinking, we are beginning to be more conscious of the choices we make and the impact this is having on ourselves and also our environment.


As one such individual with an interest in shaping my life for myself – whose biggest passion just happened to be travel – I had spent the best part of a year looking at ways to travel as much as I could without taking extra annual leave. In 2018, I visited well over 10 cities abroad and in the United Kingdom. And left most of my annual leave intact for this!


However, while exciting to be on the move so much, there were some small things that I started to become uncomfortable about. One of those things was how much I was relying on plastic bottles. For water, for shampoo, for moisturiser. After a couple of airport trips, it was a little too noticeable for me. Especially if the airport didn’t have a water fountain.


So when I met Water to Go at WTM (World Travel Market) London in November, I was relieved to know that the company had not only thought about environmental impacts, but also gave back to them as well.

As a freelance flexible worker, my office can be anywhere. From Washington DC to the lofty heights of Zakopane ski slopes to dashing all over London preparing for BorderlessLive. And with that I need ways that I can offset my carbon footprint and pack my bags well – without worrying about spillages on my tech!



Filtered water bottles are not just for the extreme and outdoor sports fanatics, it’s for those who work in different places on a regular basis as well. People who are pursuing a version of their own passion. People who look for sustainable options to go about their day to day lives while they build their legacies.

Sustainability and social impact are hot topics here in Canggu (Bali) where I am currently writing this. A hotspot for people who switched lifestyles in order to feel more fulfilled in their work.

These mindful movements are developing quickly and with that the desire to rethink how we run our lives differently. And a water bottle is definitely a great place to start!

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