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Athlete Bio: Gary ‘Surreal’ Lawrence

“I am a Freerunner, Model and Parkour athlete, I enjoy Learning and performing expressive and creative movements I am mixed race heritage, English/Jamaican descent.

I first discovered the concept of Parkour/Freerun in 2007 but I have always had physicality and a love for movement since Childhood. From the age of 7 I had already found an interest in Gymnastics and would Handstand, cartwheel and practice walkovers in front of my mother who would give me tips and advice as she previously did gymnastics in her school years.

I have been lucky enough to work in some amazing scenarios, such as Shank The Movie as the Stunt Double for the Lead Actor. I have been in music videos for flips and basic Street Dance My career has helped me visit several Countries including France, Met the Founders of Parkour and Climbing the Dame du Lac snd other iconic French spots. I have been abroad for performances and Competitions. I did Acting in college for my Performing arts course and I have a lot of experience in Modelling for Action Shoot wearing brand clothing, but I also enjoy Static Modelling and Cosplay too.

Teaching is a passion of mine and I have been lucky enough to help choreograph and teach Movement principles to actors, Students and Professional dancers. As fitness and these activities go hand in hand I also hold a Qualification in Sports and Fitness instruction.”

– Surreal

See Surreal in action in this amazing video…

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