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Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent

Find out about Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent

Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent is a British travel writer with a fondness for solo travel in remote, little explored regions. The Silk Road Adventures’ Director has been using Water-to-Go on her own adventures for years and have been a supportive advocate of the bottles since first using on her trip down the Ho Chi Minh trail. She continues to take a Water-to-Go bottle everywhere with her and is a big advocate of the product.

Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent is a travel writer and journalist who specializes in solo journeys through remote regions, and is rarely seen without her trusty Water-to-Go bottle.  In 2006 she co-piloted a pink tuk-tuk 12,561 miles from Thailand to England, raising £50,000 for the mental health charity Mind, setting the Guinness World Record for the longest ever journey by auto-rickshaw and writing Tuk Tuk to the Road. Since then she’s ridden a small, ancient motorcycle down the remains of the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, circumnavigated the Black Sea and spent three months exploring India’s remote Northeast state of Arunachal Pradesh.

She’s written three books, writes for The Guardian, The Telegraph, BBC 4’s From Our Own Correspondent and more, and gives numerous talks. Her latest book, Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains: A Journey Across Arunachal Pradesh – India’s Forgotten Frontier (Simon & Schuster, 2017) was Shortlisted for the 2018 Stanford’s Adventure Travel Book of the Year. She’s a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and is the 2019 recipient of the Neville Shulman Challenge Award.  Her next journey, this autumn, will see her exploring the Naga tribal territories of Northeast India and Myanmar. Find out more at

Antonia has been a big advocate of Water-to-Go for many years and swears by her bottle to keep her safe and hydrated whenever and wherever she is travelling.

“I’ve been using my wonderful Water-to-Go bottle for three years now, and I blimming love it. I’ve filled it from glacial rivers in Tajikistan, waterfalls in the farthest corners of the eastern Himalayas, lip-curlingly grotty taps in India, Pamiri puddles, Georgian springs and countless other ponds, lakes, puddles, taps and springs across Asia and South America.
It’s saved me using hundreds of plastic water bottles and allowed me to travel to the remotest places without having to lug around litres of bottled water. Not once have I become ill whilst using it. And all I have to do is change the filter every three months or so. I can’t stress how brilliant this ingenious bit of kit is: if every traveller had one, imagine how much plastic would be saved….”

Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent

In 2015, Antonia and Marley Burns set up Edge Expeditions, now called Silk Road Adventures, after a trip to Tajikistan provided the impetus to start a business doing what they both loved – adventure travel. After three successful years of taking small groups to places as far-flung as Bolivia, Palestine, Tajikistan and Myanmar, the duo have recently rebranded and re-launched their offerings under the name Silk Road Adventures Ltd. This moniker pretty much describes their mission, to offer interesting, quirky, well-researched and above all, fun adventure travel experiences in up to seventeen countries connected with the ancient Silk Road trade routes.

The new business has a home at and is offering a range of trips, tours and expeditions that is set to grow in the coming months. Some are partner-led whilst others are led by one of the company directors themselves. They have always given every customer on their tours a Water-to-Go filter bottle, free of charge and plan to continue this policy.

“Water-to-Go allow our customers to sip crystal-clear stream water with total safety. The bottles largely prevent us needing to carry filtered or bottled water, and we think we have saved in excess of 10,000 plastic water bottles as a result. It is such a simple thing for us to do, and we feel that by giving them to customers as part of their package price we are simplifying matters for them.”

Marley Burns, Managing Director of Silk Road Adventures




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Edge Expeditions was started in 2015 by Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent and Marley Burns after a trip to Tajikistan provided the impetus to start a business...
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