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All Day Every Daisy: travelling without plastic water bottles is easy with Water-to-Go

Travelling 21 countries for 18 months without buying plastic bottles

The Dutch couple, Daisy Scholte and Patrick Boone, have been travelling the world since August 2017. Their main objective: to travel as sustainable as possible. That means they try to avoid flying, they switched to a vegan diet and they spend their money at locally owned businesses. Another very important rule they have set for themselves is to not buy or use any plastic water bottles during their trip. They refill reusable bottles and they use Water-to-Go. Through their website they try to get a clear message across: travelling without plastic water bottles is easy, much better for our planet, a great way to challenge yourself and as a bonus you can save yourself some cash.

A fun challenge that helps our planet

“Even though we have travelled some countries that might be considered to be difficult when it comes to drinkable water, we wanted to challenge ourself from the start”

“Iran, Sri Lanka and India were on the list of these difficult countries.” It turned out to be much easier than expected. “Iran had refill stations on every street corner in the major cities. More and more Sri Lankan and Indian hotels have the big blue water tanks that can be used for refills nowadays.”

But in every country, they find themselves in situations where they can’t find clean water. “That’s when filter bottles become a necessity. Even if you try your hardest to find refill stations all the time, there will be moments that you simply can’t refill anywhere. Water-to-Go is the answer. It helps us to reach the goal of not using any plastic bottles.”

An average tourist uses 2 bottles per day

“We’ve read that tourist in South-East Asia buy approximately 2 plastic water bottles per day. With 35 million tourists per year in a country like Thailand, that’s sums up to a huge amount. If they spend an average of 2 weeks in Thailand they would use 84 bottles per holiday. That adds up to a staggering 980 million bottles per year. And that’s just the tourists in 1 country!”

“But that’s not the biggest problem. A lot of countries don’t have a system in place to collect and recycle any of this garbage. It ends up in rivers, oceans or landfills. So even if you try to be a good person by throwing it in the bin, you most likely still contribute to the problem.”

Save money

They don’t just write about their efforts. They try to show to other travellers how they use their helpful gadgets as well. “When we explain to other travellers how we do it, people still seem to think filter bottles are expensive. We of course know that this is not true and try to convince them to at least try it for their next trip.”

“If you spend 50 cents on your daily water bottles – which is on the cheap side -, you only need 35 days to earn your money back. Even if you only take a 2-week holiday, you will get a return on your investment. If not this year, then someday in the future. It’s not very difficult to see that you don’t just save the planet. You save money as well.”

Save the oceans.

“We understand that even if all the tourists in the world would completely stop buying plastic bottles, the plastic issue in general wouldn’t be solved. But it’s about the message we send to fellow travellers, local people and people at home”, Patrick explains. “In the end nobody travels to an exotic island to snorkel amongst plastic bottles. It’s a mindset that needs to be changed.”

“We have to believe that even our smallest changes make a difference. We can wait for big cooperations to change, or act now and try and save the oceans one person at the time.”

Travelling with Water-to-Go

So far, Patrick and Daisy have travelled 21 countries in 18 months. “Since we have added Water-to-Go to our collection of bottles, we have another story to share to our followers and the people we meet. It’s very easy to use, it’s lightweight and it looks cool. We are very happy to use it and that we are able to spread the message.”

They use it to drink tap-water in Indonesia and they also refill at waterfalls and rivers if they go on a trek. “That’s probably the most fun part of using a bottle like Water-to-Go”, Patrick says with a smile.

“Walking into a small pool in a cave, making your way to a loud waterfall and refilling the Water-to-Go to get some ice cold, refreshing water. It might have been the best water I have ever tasted.”

If you would like to follow the adventures of Patrick and Daisy, visit

They write about sustainable travel and tell stories of inspiring entrepreneurs and ecolodges. Follow The impact travelers by All Day Every Daisy on Facebook or All Day Every Daisy on Instagram and Pinterest.

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