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Adventurer Leon McCarron returns alone

Adventurer and Filmmaker Leon McCarron has returned to Jordan to continue following the Masar on foot, a 1000 mile series of walking trails around the heart of the Middle East. McCarron continues alone after his expedition partner Dave Cornthwaite suffered two stress fractures in his left foot and leg one month into their journey.

In the press the Middle East has been dominated and defined by the confusion and conflict of current geopolitics, and perhaps no areas have suffered from this more than the regions through which Leon is walking.

As he walks the masar (‘path’ in Arabic) the intention is to look beyond the struggles and tensions; to fill a current void in the global media by focusing on the other side – the people, the stories, the communities, and compassion that comes with travelling on foot.

McCarron says, “It has felt quite odd beginning again, alone from the point where Dave and I finished. I’ll miss his company for sure (although I wouldn’t ever tell him that!) This journey was always much bigger than either of us though, and it’s really exciting to be restarting. We saw so much much in the first 160 miles – there’s an incredible amount to learn and share over the remaining distance. Adventures are always unpredictable, but this trip seemingly more than most.”

Having walked the West Bank along the Masar Ibrahim, McCarron is now heading south along the Jordan Trail, which stretches from the border with Syria to the Red Sea.

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Check out some of the amazing images from Leon on his social media pages:

Facebook: LeonMcCarron
Twitter: @LeonMcCarron

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