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Partnership opportunities

1) Branded bottles dedicated stock

  •      Upfront commitment: 250 bottles (min)
  •      Costs: €12.50 for 50cl, €16.95 for 75cl  and €17.95 for Active – NO other costs to partner
  •      Marketing opportunities:

o   Branded sleeves – Badge of honour, keeps on working

o   Own bespoke landing pages

o   30% discount as promotional fund for clients use – Client discretion as to the split of the customer discount % versus Charitable donation %.  E.g. Could give customers 15% discount and 15% to a nominated charity OR split 20%/10% and so on

2) Referral Partners – Bloggers/ Vloggers/ Travellers*

  •      No upfront commitment
  •      Standard Water-to-Go bottles
  •      30% Promotional fund in exchange for Promotion of Water-to-Go and traffic to the website. % discount for followers/ % commission for referral partner
  •      Generic Landing page* – i.e. how it works signposting for customer

* At our discretion and subject to Referral Partner having reasonable level of followers and /or influence

If you are interested, get in contact here.

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