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2000 miles for Children’s Charity

Two years ago a group of 4 canoed 500 miles through the Yukon to raise money for charity… This may seem a great sense of achievement for most. Something you can look back on and say ‘I’ve done it’. But the guys from 3185 Adventures are not your average Joes!

Next year in 2014 they are going to put their 500 miles to shame and attempt to canoe a staggering 3185 km (2000 miles) from Whitehorse Canada to the bearing sea to raise money for children’s charity Demelza House Hospice.
The trip will take them through some of Canada and Alaska’s most remote wilderness and they hope to conquer the 2000 miles in just 40 days!

The team consists of Ex-Special Forces Tom Raper, Nick Hunter (who wrote a book on their previous adventure) and Twins Jay & Dazza Ratchford (who’ve just recently returned from conquering Iceland’s highest mountain).

Their previous adventures have not gone unnoticed and in 2014 a TV crew will be following their trip to film for the Discovery Channel and Channel 4! The team have been endorsed by The Queen and Sir Ranulph Fiennes!

One of their biggest problems is carrying drinking water on the long trips with such little space. Drinking straight fromprevent beaver fever in canada yukon the river would be ideal but in North America and Canada the dreaded ‘Beaver Fever’ aka Giardia (a parasite that infects the intestines of humans causing diarrhoea and vomiting) is everywhere. Lucky for the team they’ll all be making Water-to-Go filter bottles part of their kit to ensure they are free from Giardia (and other waterborne nasties and diseases) as well as freeing up some well needed space in the canoe!

The guys are trying to raise £50,000 for Demelza House Children’s Hospice. Please get involved and help with this fantastic cause and join us in following their advenutres!

There are several ways you can donate:

Text YUKN69 £1 to 70070
(You can pledge more by adding £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 after YUKN69)

Or you can donate on at: – or

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